Advanced Metering Infrastructure

We are a system integrator for smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure solutions. AMI is an integrated system of smart meters, communication networks (both wired and wireless), and data acquisition and management technologies that support two-way communication. The adoption of AMI systems by utilities is part of a long-term transformation to create a more intelligent grid. We design the AMI system as per customer requirements and site conditions. We procure and integrate different components like smart meters, smart data concentrators, MDAS, and MDMS solutions and deliver AMI to our customers.

AMI enables complex billing applications, dynamic pricing, demand response, home energy management, support for other technologies and applications data analytics. The system provides grid managers with granular data and control capabilities that support greater system efficiencies.

AMI will be vital in a future of increased Distributed energy generation e.g., rooftop solar, growing numbers of EVs, and new energy storage options. AMI system enables consumers to become more efficient energy users, an important goal for consumers looking to reduce costs and regulators seeking equitable rates.

Energy Management Solution

We implement energy management solution. We enable our clients to understand the importance of energy usage analysis. It provides users with the means to understand their energy consumption based on historical data, usage trends, and benchmarks. Organizations that lack access to this type of data may miss the most relevant areas for improving energy usage.  In absence of energy management solution, energy measures that are taken may not be effective, or may be effective at first but decline over time. Even significant errors in utility bills can be overlooked. Without clear data, accountability for energy used tends to be poor, and behavior may run counter to the client’s interests.

We design, procure system components, integrate,  install, commission and operate the system for our clients on CapEx or OpEx models. Components of Energy Management solution are:

  • Smart data concentrator with inbuilt GPRS modules for wireless communication
  • Energy Meters connected to data concentrators through RS485 Modbus RTU Communication
  • Centrally hosted cloud server features available anytime from anywhere using secure authentication
  • Energy monitoring and report builder software, Built-in Embedded SCADA

Crowd-sourcing of Consumer complaints using Android Apps

In our day-to-day life, when we get out of our home, we see a lot of things, such as cables dangerously dangling on roads,  sparking happening on electricity poles, which we feel like complaining, Tree leaning on Discom wires etc. But, unfortunately, so far in our country complaining itself is a hassle no one wants to undergo the hassle of complaining unless it directly affects the person, and not someone else or the general public. Also, if a visitor to a new place wants to complain, he/she may not know where to complain. With available technology, it is possible to enable the citizens to make complaints instantaneously and while on the move. A system to report things, places, incidents that are detrimental to public safety, infrastructure issues etc. We offer an App-based approach that uses location based services for crowdsourcing of complaints. Instant registration of complaints with photographic evidence, precise location and time that takes less than a minute. Complaints Redressal can be monitored by the complainant through the same app.