enPossibilities believes in sustainable growth of its customers as well as business associates. It is an essential part of our responsibility to create a win-win proposition. We provide extensive and engaging support to all our strategic business associates. We enter into long-term strategic agreements, work jointly towards business development, marketing and execution activities. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves. From inquiries to technical assistance, while helping them in selecting the right solar energy product at best prices and favorable commercial terms, we do trading. We like them sharing their feedback, we believe that our customer deserves our unparalleled attention.  We are happy to promote and trade solar energy products.

Solar Pumps:

solar pumpsWe are witnessing a big push to solar water pumps across the globe and India is expected to play a leadership role. India has about 100,000 functional solar pumps, making it a global leader in the arena. We are working to spread the solar pump technology across the country, especially the industrial segment and farmers community which largely depends on diesel to pump water for their fields and many places in the country are not connected to electricity grids. We are proud to be associated with leading solar pump manufacturer as their distribution channel partner.

Solar water pumping system comes with a small solar power generating system as an integrated feature along with the pump. This system comprises of a solar array of modules calibrated with the equivalent power requirement of the pump. Solar water pumping system can run all types of electrical pumps like irrigation pumps, industrial pumps, household pumps etc. We are dealers of MNRE approved solar pumps such as submersible, surface or deep-well type pumps.

We have built up a capability in our team to understand the client’s requirement like water volume needed, flow range, head range, suction size, available area and suggest them the appropriate system. We are the supplier of solar pump sets. Our engineers can also undertake solar pump system installation, testing, and commissioning services. We supply both DC solar pumps as well as AC solar pumps. We offer pumps of multiple sizes starting from 0.5HP to 20HP

Solar Panels:

We are traders of solar panels.  that comes with high power output utilizing high-efficiency cells and ultra-clear solar glass. We represent internationally recognized Tier 1 OEMs. These solar panels are torsion and corrosion resistance with an anodized screw type aluminum frame with higher impact resistance because of scratch resistant toughened solar glass. We supply solar modules in multiple configurations viz 36 cells, 48cells, 60 cells and 72 cells. These modules come in multiple wattages (10Wp to 320Wp). We offer both mono and multi-crystalline cell. All our modules come with factory test reports, IV curve, and detailed technical specifications. All modules are certified for IEC 61215 and IEC61730 standards.

Solar Inverters:

The solar inverter is the heart of the Solar Power Generation System. The energy produced by solar panel modules will be converted into electrical energy (DC), which in turn need to be converted into acceptable form (AC) to run electrical devices. We are suppliers of Solar Photo-Voltaic Inverters and our trading range covers from single or multi-residential rooftop applications, commercial applications, industrial building rooftop, and megawatts scale applications. We represent inverters manufactured by internationally recognized OEM. These reliable and efficient inverters interact optimally with all solar modules. Our OEM’s state-of-the-art high-frequency topology and MPPT equipped portfolio includes the Grid-tied range of inverters from KW to MW scales. Our inverters are compatible for both crystalline and thin film panels. These solar inverters come with a standard warranty of 5 years, which can, of course, be extended to 10 years with extended warranty option.

LED Lights

Energy efficient LED with long lifetime means you’ll change your lamps less often. Their energy efficiency means you’ll see the benefits in electricity consumption and in turn to your expenses.  LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent while producing the same beautiful warm light you are used to. A LED bulb can last for up to 15,000 hours, which is equal to 15 incandescent lamps life. So not only will you have to change fewer lamps, there will be less waste as a result. This is worth investing in. The quality of LED light is evident by its high color rendering value, meaning colors remain true and natural, always. LED lights also comes with a dimmable option, which is the ideal replacement for incandescent and halogen bulbs in terms of quality of light, compatibility and light output.