Solar Possibilities

enPossibilities is a comprehensive solar EPC solution provider. Our systems are available for for both off-grid or grid-tie configurations. Solar resource mapping of India study carried out jointly by NREL and SEC, Now NISE can be referred  in the visuals. India has a vast solar potential with high solar radiation of 4-7 kWh/m2 per day. You may check your solar energy generation potential by filling details in solar calculator.


Wind Possibilities

enPossibilities is a comprehensive Wind EPC solution provider. We deploy high performance, high powered wind turbines, Inverters, Mounting structure, Batteries (If required for storage) and BoS material, automated energy monitoring system from leading manufacturers. Our System is available for for Off-Grid or Grid-Tie configurations. The wind potential for India is demonstrated in the map issued by National institute of Wind Energy.



Credit : Bescom.Org